Why wait for a construction industry
revolution when you can create it?

Why wait for a construction industry
revolution when you can create it?

Developed with the expertise of industrial, civil and quality engineers, along with construction and procurement managers that were tired of shuffling papers, fishing for figures and manually tracking tasks, BuilderEdge has created the long-awaited power tool that does all the heavy lifting for no-hassle Total Quality Management. Since the very beginning, our mission was to provide our clients – commercial and residential contractors, owners, developers and project managers, a single, automated end-to-end solution, that takes into account every step of the construction process, from foundation-to-finish. No data collection, no manual synchronizing, no worries.

Today, BuilderEdge helps hundreds of construction projects increase control, communication, and productivity and ultimately enhance quality, growth and profitability. We learn from every client and project, from single-family homes to commercial skyscrapers, and keep improving our software for greater added value. We offer personal service, training and customization, to deliver the highest utilization and value of the BuilderEdge solution.

We believe in

  • Partnerships
    Our customer’s success, is our success. We tailor our solutions to each customer, from the pre-stages, through design and development to implementation and support. Professional expertise: we understand technological industry deeply. We know how to best utilize it to our customer’s advantage. We are also keen to learn each of our customers. That is our way to offer the most accurate solutions.
  • Progress and Development
    We are always tuned to what’s new and exciting and recently developed in the world. We will always offer our clients solutions that will be cutting edge technology, so they will always be ahead in their game
  • Collaboration
    In any organization, it is important that different units will work together, be exposed to the same information base and collaborate around the same business goals. Our solution will enable just that. And more.
  • Simplicity and efficiency
    Our product is easy and friendly to operate. Those who use it will enjoy various added values that will improve their professional abilities and will alleviate everyday complexities. Utilizing the system will enable employees to focus on the important tasks for the project success.

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