Payments done right

Payments Done Right

Pay your contractors on time for the work they’ve completed automatically and with no delays. The Agreements module is directly tied into the Scheduling module, ensuring that contractors automatically get paid for the stages they complete, and that you have inspected.

Automatically pay contractors per Agreement line items

Automatically schedule owner invoices when construction milestones are reached

Change orders are automatically included in contractor invoices, ensuring that nothing falls between the cracks

Pay for partially or fully completed stages per contractor

Fewer Invoicing Headaches

Contractor payments are automated, based on stages complete and agreement line items. This means that (a) invoices won’t be forgotten and (b) they are based on the work done by the contractor and the payment he is due.

Owner or Contractor Invoices

Set up automatic payment for contractors and owners based on stages complete or construction milestones. Reduce the time spent on manually working on payouts or incomes.

Partial or Complete

The flexibility of the Agreements module means that you can pay contractors for completed stages, or just for a specific percentage of one. Set up the system to work the way that benefits both you and your contractors.

Change Orders

When change orders are approved, they automatically change the contractor agreements, adding the relevant line items and costs. So when the invoice is sent out, the additions are automatically added in, ensuring everyone’s satisfaction with the process.