Identify. Report. Fix.

Instant Defect Reporting

Being able to quickly report quality issues or defects is important for every construction project and stage. The sooner they are reported, the sooner they can be fixed, before following construction stages prevent the repairs from being done easily, requiring you to spend both time and money on rework.

Assign each defect to a specific contractor

With automatic notifications and reports, defects won’t fall between the cracks

Rapid defect reporting from any area of the application

Notify responsible parties via email or text notifications, ensuring a quick fix cycle

Click to Report 

No matter where you are in the BuilderEdge mobile app, simply click the ‘Report Defect’ button at the top of the screen, snap a picture, add details – location, responsible contractor, due date, and any comments that you have – and the responsible contractor is automatically notified of his task.

Automatic Notifications

Reported a defect? The contractor responsible will immediately be notified on his mobile, receive an email, or see the defect in his BuilderEdge mobile app. This ensures that defects are fixed as rapidly as possible, and the schedule will remain unaffected.

Weekly Reports

Stay on top of the project defects with the weekly Defect Report. See what defects have been open for too long, locations, and the contractors responsible for fixing them. Send this report to yourself, all project managers, or to the contractors mentioned in the report.

Analyze & Act

See what contractors fix their defects the fastest, what stage has the most defects reported, or even see what’s the average time it takes to fix a defect in each unit. Having the data means that you can analyze it, learn from it, and act upon it, ultimately leading to less defects and rework.