Automate schedule creation

Automatically create project schedules

Creating schedules for even complex projects is as simple as choosing the right template, defining the structure you want to build (how many buildings, floors, units, and rooms), and clicking ‘Generate’. The entire schedule is automatically created within minutes.

Automatically generate schedules for projects within minutes

Retain your organization’s knowledge from one project to another

Create your own project templates, with inspections, work processes, and more

Project templates are dynamic and continue to evolve as more data is added

Automatic Schedule Creation

Creating a schedule is as easy as defining the structure you want to build. Specify the number of buildings you want to build, how many floors they have, how many apartments on each floor, even how many rooms – and the schedule is automatically generated within minutes.

Tweak projects to make them just right

Every project is unique. So we made it easy to make unique adjustments. Add a room to a specific apartment, change the duration of a stage for an entire floor, or add a new inspection to every sprinkler stage, in minutes, not hours.

Choose any template

Choose from any number of predefined project templates that include work stages, duration, pricebooks, and initial structure definitions.

Accuracy & consistency 

Instead of starting every project from scratch, use the same knowledge again and again, improving templates as you add data. And reusing the same knowledge and templates means standardization – steps are automatically included.