Automate reminders, alerts, reports

Automate Project Notifications

Remind your subcontractors the day before they are needed on the site, send out weekly reports about completed units and stages, receive alerts if construction falls behind schedule, or if an inspection fails – these are just some examples of what the BuilderEdge Notification feature can do for you.

Notification dates are dynamic, and are affected by schedule changes

Stay on top of any issue, RFI, or document – nothing falls between the cracks

Receive daily reports about project progress per contractor, trade, or unit

Set up alerts for any event

Contractor Work Reminder 

Send out a timely reminder to your contractors and subcontractors to come in to work on a specific unit or stage. The reminders are dynamic, so when the schedule changes, they automatically change as well.  

Project Report Progress

Set up automated progress reports. You can see how many units have been completed every month, how many stages contractors completed, or how many contractors passed their inspections

RFI notifications

See what RFIs have been opened, receive alerts if an RFI hasn’t been answered by the end of the day, or automatically receive a notification if an RFI affects the schedule by more than three days.

Buy inventory when needed

Don’t worry about ordering ceiling fans or cabinets for your units. Dynamic learning notifications do the heavy lifting for you. Tied into the schedule, the notifications know when to send an email to your supplier, ordering the inventory that you need, when you need it.