Open. Reply. Resolve.

Supercharge your RFIs

RFIs are key to any successful construction project. Making sure that they are answered in a timely manner, by the right people, is what the Ball In Court feature is all about. Combined with automatic notifications ensure that in BuilderEdge, RFIs don’t fall between the cracks. Ever.

Make sure everyone knows what they need to do

Quickly assign RFIs via rules

Create your own unique RFI templates

Get notified about delayed RFIs

Convert RFI to Change Order

Easily create a Change Order from a resolved RFI to reflect the changes in schedule and budget. The Change Order then changes the contractor agreement within the platform, ensuring a continuous and smooth work and payment process.

RFI and Scheduling

If the RFI affects the schedule, these changes will be reflected in your schedule once the RFI is resolved. This way, you know exactly what is going on, and what impact the RFIs have on your project.

See who needs to answer

Use Ball in Court to make it simple to see the person who needs to move the RFI along, whether it is to answer, assign, or close it. Once everyone has responded, the Ball in court automatically shifts back to the RFI manager.

From RFI to PDF in seconds

With a click of a button export the RFI to an easy-to-use PDF format. You can then print out the RFI, or send it via email to anyone who needs to see the information.