Complex projects are requiring more holistic dynamic solutions

Construction projects are complex dynamic production processes that contain an enormous amount of information. This data is shared by various elements in the company both internally and externally. Data is the key element of any project’s success, and a reliable flow of information is crucial. A current and consistent status report enables decision makers to navigate the project towards success.

There are two major aspects of data:

Product Data:
including architectural plans, specs, work instructions, and quality assurance.

Production Process Data:
stressing the importance of contract management (with subcontractors and suppliers), machinery and gear (cranes, scaffolding etc.), and necessary resources for production (electricity, water, fuel etc.)

Like in any production line, defining the client and his or her demands is key. The production process includes dealing with clients’ demands which may change even during production. According to this categorization, most of the components in the projects should be managed from two perspectives: product and process. Things become more complex when various departments within the company rely on the same data for managing separate aspects of the project.

Over the years, production industries have made significant progress in work processes and data systems, improving data flow and minimizing unnecessary spending. The construction industry lags behind for lack, or insufficient, data management. In order to save costs we must implement a single system that will provide a holistic solution to any construction project and various players involved.

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