Automate contractor payments

Payments on time, per agreements

Contractors want to be paid on time, for the the work that they completed. The Invoicing feature ensures you do just that. Every week, your contractors receive a text message detailing the stages they completed that week, and the money they are owed. A click later, and the money is sent to their account, making life easier for everyone!

Invoices are automatically generated and sent to contractors’ mobile phones via text

One click payment approval

No more unknown jobs – if the stage is completed, the contractor is paid

Consistently paying on time ensures repeat contractors and steady work on projects

Automatic Invoicing

Invoices are automatically generated according to the stages completed by the contractor and the payments due according to their agreements. Invoices are sent to the contractor’s mobile phone, ensuring everyone is paid what they are due, on time.

Consistent Payments

Being consistently paid on time is just as important to contractors as consistently paying on time is to you.  Automating the invoicing process based on contractor agreements and stages completed ensures a consistent payment schedule, happy contractors, and steady work flow.

Done & Done

Automating invoices means zero mistakes. No more double checking every invoice to see if the work was actually completed. If stages weren’t reported as complete and inspected by the foreman or project manager – they aren’t invoiced. It’s that simple.

Invoice Notifications

Track the invoices you send to your contractors. Receive notifications if they are rejected, if they aren’t approved within specific time intervals, or for any other reason.