Visual Progress Dashboard

Easily Track Project Progress

Want to see exactly how your units are doing? The Matrix Grid shows you progression per unit, floor, or building, providing the ability to easily monitor project progression. See what stages are completed, see if there any holdups, and understand what additional resources are required, if any.

View stage progress for each unit, floor, or building

Easily see potential bottlenecks regarding specific trades or stages

Color coded status provides detailed information at a glance

See high level information or dive into stage details

Color Coded Progression 

Easy, simple, and visible. That’s what the Matrix aimed to achieve, to make it easy for project managers to quickly assimilate high level information about their project, and also be able to dive into greater detail where needed. The color coding enables them to do just that.

Avoid Delays

While delays are inevitable with any construction project, being able to foresee them and prevent or mitigate them is invaluable. The Matrix enables project managers to see, at a glance, exactly what unit is being delayed, and why. This enables them to correct the issue that is causing the delay as rapidly as possible.

Automatic Notifications

Completed stages, units that haven’t started the Plumbing Rough stage, or stages that are falling behind schedule – these are just some of the notifications that project managers can set up to receive from the Matrix. This way you are always on top of your projects.

Prevent Bottlenecks

Being able to spot what stages are potentially creating bottlenecks is vital to maintaining a smooth construction flow and meeting the project schedule. The Matrix enables you to easily spot these areas, and ensure that you address them before the bottlenecks arise.