Real time project management

Track Project Progress

Gantt charts are useful to plan the initial project, but using them to manage the thousands of tasks that go on in an actual construction site is very challenging.

The Structure View displays 2D models of your buildings, color coded, so you know exactly what’s going on. Drill down into units that are behind schedule, follow inspectors through floors that are in progress in real time, and make sure your project is on track to a successful completion.

Easily see task lists for every unit or floor

Always know exactly what’s going on with every unit, on every floor, in every building

2D building models consistently display accurate and up to date data

See scheduled inspections and defects per unit, stage, or floor

A click away from every unit

Every unit in the 2D building is color coded green (stage completed), yellow (in progress), and red (behind schedule). Simply clicking on each unit will immediately show you the status of that unit, and what stage is delaying the rest of the construction work.

Stay on top of everything

It doesn’t matter if you have one building or 30. The Structure View makes it very easy for you to see the length and breadth of your entire project, enabling you to keep track of everything at the same time.

Automatic notifications

Even on your busiest days, we have you covered. The automated notifications system will send you a report detailing the units that are behind schedule, stages that have been in progress for too long, or failed inspections. So don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Zoom and enhance

While you can see your entire project, sometimes you want to focus on smaller segments, and see how the plumbing is coming along, for instance. The Structure View makes it simple to focus on specific trades or even specific stages.